Nashville Software School Data Analytics Cohort 6

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To simply give a “thank you” to Amanda Partlow, Teresa Whitesell, and Taryn Patterson wouldn’t be enough; the first step to get us here was ours, but the tools and advice that have been given through you all are not to be forgotten. This journey of online schooling is nothing like any of us have experienced. It was with positivity and focus aided by our teachers that made this time such a memorable one. We thank you for your expertise and guidance during this transitional period and could not have possibly done this without you! These three women have given such effort to provide ample advice, answer a question when it's asked and then share some humor to help the hard times feel better. This has been such a fun and unforgettable experience for us all.

Staff and Faculty

Huge thank you to Michael Holloway, Chris Wright, Sekou Tyler, and the many others who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make this program what it is today.

The career development team—Marla Lamont, Ashley Canino, and Michael Frieh—have been wonderful, as well. Thank you for what you have done to prepare us for the “real world.”

Data Professionals, Partners, and Alumni

We are appreciative to the previous NSS students and other data professionals who have provided insight about what to expect once we enter the field, from describing their own job search and landing their first job, to providing feedback on our projects and answering questions. You reassured us that NSS was the right move to make if you want to see growth and learning habits should be created for you by you. DA6 appreciates all that you do.

  • Alex Trambley
  • Monica Allen
  • Ben Hummel
  • Jen Whitson
  • Daniel Spaulding
  • Chris Hart
  • Heather Sopel
  • Ed Pearson
  • Sam Lawson
  • Nadia Marie Roumanon
  • Rachel Abram
  • Landry Butler
  • Christian Mack
  • Tito Amoguis
  • Keith Goodwin
  • Mike Schriefer
  • Aaron Plunkett
  • Andrew Mitchell
  • Katherine Delgado
  • Phil Campbell